Alternative Healing

Are You Feeling Stuck? “The Healing Lies Within”
Spark Of Life offers Alternative Healing solutions to those urban professionals who have tried different methods of healing, but haven’t found satisfying results. The energy healing treatments are non-invasive, gentle and soothing. They can provide assistance in restoring your well being, energy levels, and health for your personal and professional life.

I find that there’s a need for both allopathic medicine as well as alternative ways of healing. The physician’s role in well being is very important. However, it does not address everything that is needed for a total sense of well being. Energy healing is a supplement to your doctor’s recommendations.

Acupuncture and energy healing are ancient practices that believes that physical ailments stem from emotional and spiritual causes. The ‘healer’ is a bridge that allows healing at the spiritual and energetic level of being.

Some common things that acupuncture and energy healing addresses are chronic fatigue, depression, listlessness, fatigue, anxiety. It addresses physical pain to bring about a sense of well being. Often after trauma, either physical or emotional, sexual, or after a major surgery or loss of organ, one doesn’t feel the same. There is a loss of well being. These therapies help to return a client to feeling more themselves. Simply put, it brings happiness and a sense of joy that may seem to have been lost forever to the client.


hippocrates nature best physicianAlternative Healing Energy Therapies

My alternative healing practice encompasses Auricular Acupuncture, Chakra Therapy, and Reiki Healing (Master Level). I believe that each of these therapies can bring deep healing, stress relief and re-connection to one’s greater purpose. Within the session, clients may be provided with intuitive information that will best help them in overcoming current challenges or capturing opportunities. Each session is guided by one’s own higher self and, as a result, is often comprised of a unique blend of these different therapies, each of which is unique to the particular client.


Why Receive An Energy Session?

Many different energies influence our lives. While we cannot see them, they can (and do) profoundly affect our state of mind and our health. Energy therapies provide an effective series of simple techniques that can dramatically reduce levels of stress (an underlying cause of many types of dis-ease) and enable us to harness natures vital energies to create balance and well being – of mind, body and spirit.

When the flow of our healthy life energy (also known as prana, chi, ki) is weakened or blocked in our body, emotional or health problems tend to arise. These episodes flood our bodies with toxins, causing dis-ease. Besides numerous energy points, there are 7 commonly known energy centers (chakras) that are responsible for our bodies’ healthy functioning. If one of these energy centers is not working properly, the bodily cells and organs in that area require restoration. Releasing the blockages increases the energy circulation, overall health and well-being.

Receiving an energy session reconnects your mind, body and soul, allowing you to deeply relax with a sense of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health and clarity. Energy therapies bring you closer to your centre of being and back in alignment. Finding and expressing your soul purpose and achieving a sense of deep inner satisfaction.


We are all here to undergo experiences that will enable us to become more in tune with our divine origins. The opportunity for growth is ever-present and the universe is our classroom. I hope that I may assist you in your own personal journey towards enlightenment.

I hope that I may assist you in your own personal journey towards being well.