Feeling Stuck

If you feel lost or stuck, or are concerned about a feeling, thought, behavior, or situation, seek help.

In a culture that celebrates progress, achievement, and forward movement. It is extremely challenging to gift ourselves the space that is needed to understand why we are feeling stuck. Instead, we often push our feelings of stuckness deep down inside of us, which allows them to develop into ambivalence, ruminating thoughts, and overwhelming anxieties.

feeling stuckPeople feeling lost or stuck are also likely to have anxiety as well. So you may also feel worried or distressed more often than you used to. Other signs can include a loss of sexual desire, pessimistic or hopeless feelings, and physical symptoms such as headaches, unexplained aches and pains, or digestive problems.

For many of us, feeling stuck can be a very scary and self-critical place to be.

Take care of your mental health. Effective treatment can lighten your mood, strengthen your connections with loved ones, allow you to find satisfaction in interests and hobbies, and make you feel more like yourself again.


Any treatment should coincide with exercise, a healthy diet, and a regular sleep schedule.