Are You Ready To Give Up A Bad Habit

When you are ready to give up a bad habit, you’ve usually reached a breaking point. You had let life get out of control so that you could finally regain control.

A bad habit is something in your life that you do compulsively. One that’s probably an obsessive passion that is unhealthy, or even a complete addiction. If you have to do this behavior secretively, then it is an unhealthy passion or addiction.

An obsessive passion generally leads to addiction, as opposed to a harmonious passion which does not.

The obsessive passion develops when you feel controlled or pressured to do something. When obsessively passionate, you link your self-image to the activity. This activity is done in unhealthy ways and creates conflict in other areas of your life.

Conversely, a harmonious passion is an activity that you do not feel pressured to do. Your self-image has no relation to the activity. So this activity is done in a healthy way that is “harmonious” and beneficial to all the other areas of your life.

Give It Up

When you are ready to give up a bad habit, you will:

  • start searching for information that shows the negative consequences of your behaviour.
  • stop finding information and relationships that justify your negative behaviour.
  • admit to key people that you have a problem.
  • start having thoughts of much longer duration about your choices.
  • feel optimistic about your dreams and goals.
  • immediately feel empowered and healthy — mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.
  • be more caring and interested in your relationships.
  • create an environment that facilitates your commitment.
  • track your progress and get organized.
  • be more present and enjoy the small moments.
  • start making huge progress in your life again.

Your thinking becomes narrow while in your destructive, negative, addictive pattern. You fixate regularly on the short-term, and seldom give attention to your purpose, values, and your true goals.

You Are Ready

When you’re ready to change, and begin making determined steps, you will immediately begin manifesting a more harmonious environment. You will find yourself:

  • reaching out to friends, and telling them about your struggles and seek support.
  • completing projects you had been procrastinating.
  • eat healthy foods.
  • listening to powerful and uplifting music.
  • cleaning your home or living space.

Your decision to change will lead you to take responsibility to begin living a more balanced holistically life. Your direction is much clearer and your activity is focused. There are no regrets!

AcuDetox is able to facilitate and speed up the process for you. Releasing toxins and ensuring a balanced body with replenished energy levels. It gets the Qi (vital energy) flowing. Restoring your vitality and well-being. This helps you recover from those everyday stress and strains that cause discomforts, disorders, diseases, and illnesses.

It is about empowering you to take control of your life as you embark on your personal healing journey.